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  • Innovative body material Using Zinc composite material, which is harder and tougher (better for screen protection), lighter, better heat transfer (less likely for overheating)
  • Dual card three 4G design Dual card three 4G design that make business work and everyday life easily switch to meet the needs of high-end users. Chose freely, with ease!
  • patented external card 128 GB TF+USB external storage card, huge storage space for customers' greedy needs
  • 4200MAH batteryEquipped with 4200MAH battery, long lasting hours, never miss a moment
  • 3GB RAM Leading 3GB RAM, fastest processing, with the powerful Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon 800AC 4*2.5 CPU
  • Unique function keyboardUnique function keyboard, customizable, satisfies customizing needs